Thursday, April 10, 2014

Not your ordinary noodle

Fit Fam ...

This was dinner tonight. The green stuff in front ... Spinach Fettucine Noodles. But don't let the picture fool you. These aren't your ordinary noodles!! 

I was hesitant when #QuestNutrition sent me noodles in a bag full of akalaine water. I looked at the label. They literally have nothing in them. So despite my obsession with #Quest .. I still thought they would also taste like crap. Boy was I wrong!!! 

I have Celiac so I haven't had "regular pasta" since 2006. I've tried it all since then. My favorite is Quinua Pasta .. but it is higher carb (a good one though). This quest pasta has literally zero macros (ok ..10 calories if that even counts) and it is made in the microwave!! You just Drain. Rince well. 2 min in microwave. DONE. 

We tried the spinach fettuccine noodles tonight. The texture is very soft and there isn't tons of flavor. (We added a little seasoning after it was cooked). But it's good. Really good. The texture was pleasant and the best part ... It's super filling!!!

Their web page explains what it's made with and why it's so filling and so good for you. I'll let you do your own research. 

We are used to paying more for "pasta" so the price doesn't bother me. W e will be buying mass quantities of this stuff, lol! I bow down to you quest .. you have made my belly happy once again. Feel free to hire me now, lol!  Cause I'm #OnAQuest

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

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