Sunday, July 28, 2013

Team No Pasta


I often post my healthy recipes on Instagram and everyone asks for the recipes. I usually forget but since I'm having a totally unexpected lazy Saturday night on the couch, I have no reason to not post it right now :)

I have Celiac Disease so eating regular pasta isn't an option. I love brown rice pasta and quinoa pasta so I never really searched for an alternative. But in my attempt to try and eat more veggies - I created the most amazing dish. Broccoli Slaw Spaghetti! I'm sure there are tons of recipes online. But here is how I make it - it's soooooooo good!!!

Basically you make your sauce just as you normally would. I use 1lb lean ground turkey, chicken or beef, one jar of a spicy tomato basil sauce with a little water, garlic, Italian seasoning, crushed red pepper. But make it how you want! To keep it clean make sure and read those labels on the sauce!

For the broccoli slaw - I buy  it in the bags (it's usually in the salad/produce section). I put it in a sauce pan with a small amount of olive oil spray = I use the spray to save calories, but you could just use the oil if you want! It doesn't take much. I make sure it is nice and coated while on med/high heat. I also add a little bit of water. I don't know how much. Then season with basil, garlic, salt, pepper - use whatever you want, but make sure and season it really good so it has flavor of it's own! Otherwise it will ruin the taste of the dish. Once it is coated - I just keep stirring often on medium high heat. Then I put on low and cover it for a little bit. I just keep checking it. It doesn't need to get soggy, not even sure broccoli slaw can get soggy? But needs to be fully cooked. If it's not getting soft enough - add more water! Just watch it and get it to a texture you are happy with!

That is it! It is SOOOOOOO good!!!  Trust!!

Eat Clean - Train Dirty ...
Stacy :)

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