Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My New Go To Lunch

Hey Friends,

Lunch can be a challenge for me if I don't bring leftovers from dinner the night before. I know that is why MEAL PREP is so important. But I'm gonna go ahead and tell ya .. meal prep or not .. THIS tasty little lunch will be on my list from now on!

I was starving today and asking myself the same question I ponder everyday. Where can I go get food. I decided to head to Harris Teeter and just see what I could find to make in the kitchen at work.

I grabbed - Grilled Chicken (pre cooked), a large avocado, kraft greek vinaigrette dressing and ya ready .. a new discovery.....BROWN BASMATI RICE!! I can not tell ya'll how excited about this I am. We all know brown rice is the way to go, but I've read so much about the health/fitness benefits of Basmati ... now I can combine the two!!!!

All I did was heat up one serving of ckn, heat up a half bag (1 serving) of the 90 second rice, cut up half the large avocado ... mixed it all together with a little sea salt and dressing. And ... YUMMY!!!!!!!!

If I were to meal prep. I'd make my own chicken. But this will do!


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