Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Buffalo Chicken Burgers

Oh Mmmm Ggggg

I have Celiac Disease and so I haven't had Zaxby's in probably 10 years. But from what I remember of it, the burgers my husband and I made tonight taste a heck of a lot like it!!

I know, I know... this is not fried chicken. So how could it possibly even taste similar. Maybe it doesn't but I can tell you these burgers were DELISH!!! We try to eat clean every night except for one cheat day or one cheat meal a week. While they aren't 100% clean for someone really trying to count macros, compete, etc. They ARE very healthy and great for anyone trying to live a more healthy lifestyle!

We had them with our usual red potato "fries". Which are super simple. We put coconut oil on a cookie sheet. Cut potatoes. Season how you want. Bake :)  We usually use 5 small ones and that is plenty enough for us both. If I were eating alone I'd have two small ones. Yummmmmm!!!

We kinda just guessed as we went since this was our first time making them. So some of these measurements may be a off.  Sorry! Makes four burgers.

1lb - 99% lean ground chicken
1 egg
Approx 1tbs - Onion Powder
Approx 1tbs - Garlic Powder
Approx 1tsp - Cayenne Pepper
Approx 1tbs - All Purpose Baking Flour (we used gluten free)
Approx 2 tbs - Buffalo Sauce (We use  Franks Red Hot Wings Buffalo Sauce (It was the healthiest we found. No cals, didn't list any sugar, low carbs)

Mix all ingredients. Patty out. Cook stovetop just like burgers.
Add more Buffalo Sauce on top upon serving! I also added a little FF Ranch Dressing.


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