Friday, February 22, 2013

ChocoButter Muscle Milkshake

Hey All,

The first picture you see below is the amazing Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake I attempted to drink on my "Splurge Day" last weekend and the Nutella Milkshake my husband drank. I say attempt because it was just too rich for me to finish in one sitting. 

The picture you see below those delish shakes doesn't look nearly as appealing, right? Well trust me ladies and gents, it was just as good, dare I say ... better!!! So ... read on!

I love chocolate. I love it so much that I just can't eat any type of "substitute" because they are so far from the real thing. Even the best chocolate protein bars don't compare. However I will say that the Caramel Peanut Low Sugar Detour Bar is the best I've found. However it's WAY too high in cals/fat so I eat only 1/2.

I have been on a huge low sugar/low carb/low cal/low fat/high protein smoothie kick lately. Many of you loved my Muscle Cake (told you that you wouldn't be able to taste the cottage cheese)!!!

Today I introduce to you what the glass of heaven I enjoyed last night. I think I shall call it....ChocoButter Muscle Milkshake.

Here is the recipe. Ready for how simple?!

ChocoButter Muscle Milkshake

*1 chilled container of Chocolate Muscle Milk LIGHT. I got the 14 oz but the smaller one would have been fine.
*1tbs Chocolate PB2. You can do 2tbs if you want extra PB taste. It would only be like 20 more calories. If you don't want a substitute, peanut butter would be fine, just more calories.
*5-10 Ice cubes. (Start with 5 and keep adding so you don't dilute the flavor)

Put all in a blender (I use a magic bullet because it's so simple and amazing) and prepare to say "Oh my God this is so good"!!!!

I want to add a little note here. Muscle Milk (even the light version) is NOT my #1 choice for protein shakes. While it does taste great,  it does have a lot of "stuff" in it that I'm not too sure about. They also have more fat than the other pure whey that I usually have. However anything in moderation and I certainly don't see enough negative research to NOT have Muscle Milk from time to time if that is your choice ... its' just not mine :)  Please chime in if you have any info on the negative articles out there. For anyone trying to maintain or cut  I would suggest ONLY having the light versions.

I am going to try this with another more "pure" chocolate protein powder and use unsweetened Almond milk as my "liquid" (as I do in almost all my shakes). May have to add a Stevia packet too. I'll let you know if it tastes as amazing!!

Grace and peace to you,

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