Friday, September 7, 2012

Photo A Day (catching up)

Hello Friends ...

I've never done the #photoaday stuff. I ran across the blog today that does it and thought - Why not?!

I am a few days late this momth, So here is my "collage catch up" haha!

Day 1 - You, Now. (Me. Today)
Day 2 - Father. (My daddy with my hubs on our wedding day)
Day 3 - Far Away (That's the dollar Doug and I wrote on and hung up at a little bar in Playa)
Day 4 - In my mailbox ( I went with my email mailbox. Yup..thats creeper mail)
Day 5 - Bright (Pic of the mexico Sun)

And a pic by itself for today's #PictureOfTheDay

Day 6 - Every Day (Snuggles from this little fur angel -who has been with me longer than anyone in my household)

Grace and peace to you,

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