Monday, August 27, 2012

Warning: I will steal your soul!!

Hey Friends,

I have no excuse for my lack of activity on here. Actually I do. I lost my blog for a couple months (it expired and I had to buy it back), I planned a wedding, got married, sold my place and now am moving into a new house. Oh and I started a new blog. Not really sure why?! The name popped in my head, it was available and I love the concept - so why not?! Visit me there ...

I do have a really interesting topic to discuss today. I was enjoying some coffee with the hubs and puppy before work on this sunny Monday when I overhead a pretty funny conversation. Needless to say I think they realized by my "chuckle" and me almost spitting out my coffee - that I was - for a lack of better words, amused.


* Lady (Who was talking to about 6 other ladies): "You can't be around anyone that drinks or even smokes. They will destroy your soul"
*Six Other Lades:  In unison, "Amen"
*Lady: Actually, you can't even be around anyone who smells of such sin.

I couldn't help but laugh at that. I mean let's all think about if that were REALLY true! We would all be without souls!! I know I would!

I will say that I think the lady she was speaking to is a former addict, so her advise had some validity to it.
I agree a former addict can't be around their poison until they have control of their life.They should avoid bars, being around it, etc, but to say they "these people" will steal your soul? Seriously?! A little overboard, don't ya think?

If you have a problem, being around people that enjoy those things may cause you temptation, yes,  but steal your soul. I think not.


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  1. I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!! That's the funnest thing I've heard in a while!!! Your freakin AWESOME!!! Made my Monday :) THANK YOU for sharing!!!! ~Mel~