Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hey all,

Goodbyes are usually not one of my favorite things. But today the hubs and I were ALL SMILES as we said bye-bye-bye to our loft at Historic Werthan Mills.

We lived there happily for over 3 years and we really did love OUR loft. It was unique, totally us (industrial modern), we designed and put in a sick addition - it was a place where people walked in and said 'wow'. We had some great times there .. emphasis on WE. I cant say the same about our nearby company. Our neighbors must be two of the most miserable people I know. All they do is fight and we could hear them crystal clear. I'll never forget one valentines day we were trying to enjoy ourselves and WW2 broke out next door. Someone else must have noticed too because the cops even came. Then there is our "property manager" - don't get me started on her. To this day I am not sure what we pay her to do. I am guessing be lazy and complain when she is asked to do something. Lastly - three letters - HOA. In a loft you have to deal with them A LOT! And I mean, when you get a group of ALL Type A personalities together ... enough said.

We were in such a rush to get out (we kinda had the closing from hell) and get into our new place all under a time crunch, that I am surprised we even had one second to pose for this picture! Needless to say - we were happy to say bye loft and move on to our new HOUSE!


PS - For all things "Wifey" - I have a NEW blog! - check it out!

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