Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oh Shizzy ... (challenge day 10)

Hey friends ...

Challenge is to post a pic of the person I get into the most **** with.

This is my best friend.

I know. Not the likely match. Most girls have a girl best friend. Don't get me wrong, I do have girl best friends and I love them dearly. I just have this strange..deep..God sent friendship with this guy.

He has a name. But I call him Sully.

I'd certainly say I get into the most ***** with him. We never do anything outlandish, un-classy or illegal (well ... not that we know of).
I mean some people probably look at us on some of our shenanigans and think there is something wrong with us. That's ok. We don't care.

Sometimes our fun consists of him coming over on laundry night and hanging out (teaching me folding techniques for mens undies) ...texting about work, boys, life ... going gay bar hopping ... hanging out at our other "home" ... Dancing the night away ... Him tagging along with me to target ... Etc.

We call our fun "The Adventures Of Stacy and Sully".

Watch for the book. Or our reality show :-)

Grace and Peace to you,

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