Monday, March 7, 2011

HATE (challenge 11)

Hey Friends,

Today I'm suppose to post a picture of something I hate.

I mean I have pet peeves and things I dislike. But overall I'd like to think my heart isn't filled with hate for people. I try really hard to eliminate that word from my vocabulary, however I can't lie there is hatred in my heart for some people.

I'll give this a shot though as far as "things" I hate -- I hate liquorish, driving in the rain, waiting on people, music while I wait, making decisions, the unknown, when people talk behind my back but not to my face, people that stare, when people dress like they are homeless and call it "fashion", people who wear too much make-up, free loaders, liars, bad listeners, bad coffee, folding/putting away laundry, when my space is a mess (work,home,car).
I am certain I have other little peeves. But that's what comes to mind.

With that, I will say the thing I hate most is FAKE PEOPLE. I'd love post a picture of this, but that would require me to post pictures of individual people and well I am afraid I'll leave someone out (tee-hee) :-)

Here is my rant on fake people.

I get that sometimes you may be required to put a filter on who you. Maybe it's due to work, out of respect for people you are around, etc, but people who are like chameleons and just blend into whoever they are currently hanging out with, or to impress someone, really get to me. People that pretend to be your friend but talk about you when you aren't around. People that are nice to you just to get what they want/need. I HATE fake people!!!

Why do you do it?! What's the point?

If I don't like you -- trust me, you'll know!! I either tell ya or don't speak at all.
If I think you are using me, eventually I'll let ya have it.
If I have something to say about you I'll happily say it to your face.
If I feel something - I express it.

I've been told I tend to be a little too abrasive in this department. Sorry, that's just who I am.
I am not gonna pretend to like someone to save face, or simply keep the peace. I'd rather keep my mouth and say NOTHING than give hugs, handshakes and "omg how are you's" to someone who makes my skin crawl!!

I'm by no means perfect ... but fake ... I am not!

What do you "hate".

Grace and Peace to you,

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