Tuesday, March 8, 2011

All we need is LoVe?! (challenge 12)

Hey Friends ...

Did Paul McCartney & John Lennon have it all figured out? Is love all we really need?

Todays challenge has me posting a picture of something I love. I'll do that at the end of the blog (yes it all ties together. I'm not just rambling). But first the question at hand.

The romantic in me wants to say YES-YES-YES!! Love is all we need!! Everyone wants to love and be loved and if we have that, we would all live happily ever after. Right?!

The realist in me knows the answer is ... Wrong! And the psychologist in me (yup, psych is one of my two college majors) REALLY knows better!!

We as humans have a problem differentiating being "in love" and what goes into having a loving *relationship*. Love can be pretty easy. Making a loving relationship really work oftentimes isn't. Think about all the people you love but don't have the most successful relationship with.

In terms of intimate love I have an overall effortless relationship with my significant other, but there are multiple things that it requires to make it more than just being "in love". While love may be the main ingredient, you need a lot of side dishes too!! Commitment ... Communication ... Consequence ... Faithfulness ... Trust ... Forgiveness ... Kindness ... Respect ... Patience ... selflessness ... only to name a few.

(I didn't even get into the fact that love can't provide you with the necessities of living and that in spiritual terms GOD'S love is all we really need).

So in all reality while love may be a necessary emotion for happiness, it's really NOT all we need. Sure wish it could be that simple.

Now these little guys on the other hand (which posting fulfills my challenge of a pic of something I love ... animals).
They really do just provide love.. and need someones love ... Well and a litter box :-)

Grace and peace to you,

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