Saturday, February 26, 2011

Challenge: Day two

Hey Friends:

30 day challenge day two.

I'm suppose to post a pic of the person I've been closest to the longest.
Not gonna post a pic of the person, so how about a random picture that makes me think of them.

I found this picture after googling the first random adjectives that describe the person I've been closest to longest. Icicles popped up. I can see it.

Icicles are fragile yet so strong. They are solid until something makes them hot, then they either slowly melt or melt just enough to dangerously fall. They can be really sturdy. You even often even stand on them for a boost or support. They are beautiful. Breathtaking even. These particular icicles are all colors, making them unique. They make you smile. Maybe give you peace. I could go on and on.

A lot of people have childhood friends that are still their best friend. I'm envious of that because I have a couple childhood friends i still keep in close contact with, but sadly circumstance have kept us from remaining "close". That's life I guess. It sucks.

Regardless my answer would be the same. It may be the "obvious" one, but it's true. My sister.

I didn't choose her, but I woulda if I coulda :-) She's great!!

Who is your person?? Why are they that to you??

Grace and peace to you,

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