Sunday, February 27, 2011

We are family (challenge: day three)

Hey friends,

I'm suppose to post a pic of the cast of my fave show. Problem is I have so many.

Currently (and for blogging reasons) ... This is my pick.

Modern Family. This is the pic of the end of season one (which I love so much that I own). Great concept. Great show. Puts me in a happy mood.

Presents a good blogging question. What is family to you?

To me family is a unit of different people. The bond is not always of blood, but of the loyalty, respect, joy, love and commitment.

I believe family is made strong not by number but by making the best of what you have. A family can be two people or two hundred and be filled with the same amount of love.

A family a is a band of characters that weave in --and sometimes out-- of your life but are always somewhere in your heart. They are anyone you have rituals with, share memories with, share a deep love with and can count on to always be there.

This is my "family". The one the inside my 4 walls.....

But my ENTIRE family extends many directions. They are made up of my blood relatives, my one day in-laws, my best friends, our work family, even random people that I simply know would have my back if I needed them.

Family isn't only what your can be what you make it too :-)

What family are you creating?

Grace and peace to you,

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