Friday, February 25, 2011

30 days huh ....

Hey Friends ...

I keep seeing the 30 Day Facebook Challenge. I never checked it out till tonight.

I don't have a problem posting on FB. But I am constantly looking for a simple reason to blog. So ...30 day challenge it is ...
On Simply-Stacy-Dot-Com. They say it takes about that time to form a habit. So let's see :)

Today it's simple -- post a picture and 10 facts. No need for a pic .. But here is my fact list :-)

1. My soft spot is for animals. Especially cats.
2. I can not/will not tolerate fake people.
3. My favorite color is actually black.
4. My car is almost never clean...
5. But my closet is color coordinated.
6. I start books and often don't finish them.
7. I hate to cook. But don't have to cause I am spoiled. My man cooks for me :)
8. I daydream. About weird hypothetical things.
9. I am stubborn.
10.I love God. A lot. But just like most relationships .. I don't tell him enough.

So -- that was harder than I thought.

What's your ten?!

Grace and Peace to you,

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