Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Test Drive .....

Hey Everyone ...

Today I'm testing out something called The Tuesday Ten. Basically I'm going to write about 10 things that were noteworthy to me in the past 24 hours and elaborate on them.  They may not be important to you .. I'm sure they won't be .. so come up with your own Tuesday Ten :)

Not sure that this will be my topic every Tuesday .. in fact I'm sure it won't be .. but I'm trying to come up with a way to write almost everyday of the week and weekly topics seem to make it easier to come up with acceptable things to write about.

I was doing Take Back Tuesday .. which I really enjoy when I can think of something.  But I've noticed my memory is failing me with age .. haha .. so not sure I can come up with anything interesting every week.  SO I'm gonna have to mix it up :)

These may be more in the past 48 hours .. okay maybe even over the past like 3 days because my life isn't that interesting .. haha. But let me attempt this. Here we go .... my ten notables.

1.  I found some cute black skinny jeans for less than 30.00.  I am kinda a "jean snob".  It's what I will drop the most money on because lots of good jeans are key in your wardrobe and you wear them often .. so they pay for themselves. I have yet to find skinny jeans that I LOVE.  Not expensive ones anyway.  I have to have all my jeans hemmed so I try to buy on sale, at Off 5th, etc, when possible because I automatically have to add at least 20 to 40 bucks to the cost for that.   I stumbled across a pair of black skinny jeans that surprisingly fit and were comfy for only 29.99.  They need to be hemmed for sure .. but I'll take em!

2.  New Shoes.  Yeah so I realize the first two things I've listed are material things .. whatever.  That doesn't mean they are what is most important.  They just came to mind first.  I got some amazing new shoes that make me feel even more amazing.  Now just to find the perfect outfits to wear them with :)

3.  Reality TV.  We all know that I love some bad reality TV.  There is a new Real World on and I've discovered the bad girls club.  So .. life is good.  I also auditioned for a reality show on Saturday. It was as a joke .. but surprisingly had I not already been on TV ... i think they would have  wanted me :)

4.  I got a sunburn.  This is rare for me.  It hurt and I complained. I don't usually complain either .. so ...

5.  I got a real burn and had real reason to complain.  My curling iron fell on my arm and I couldn't get my arm off it as fast as I wanted. I have a nice big brown patch of dead skin and blisters. It's NOT cute.  Thank god for Aloe and this all natural herb gel stuff my man got me for my sunburn that I'm NOT complaining about anymore for sure!

6.  Found a new "regular" place to eat.  It's called Burger Up. They not only have FABULOUS food .. they understand Gluten Free. I can have pretty much anything on the menu and they have gluten free hamburger buns on hand!!!

7.  I may have met the next American Idol.  Auditions were in Nashville Saturday ... interviewed a few peeps that made it to round two. Ya never know :)

8.  I actually did something that challenged my muscles, haha.  I am really lucky that I don't "have" to work out and that when I do my muscle memory is quick to pick back up any toning I feel I need to do.  However I realize I'm not in my 20's anymore and maybe should be working out for other reasons than looking good.  I've started doing small stuff at home .. maybe I'll use my gym membership next week.

9.  I always come home to a cooked meal on the nights I work and Doug doesn't.  It's just one or two nights a week .. but it's nice :)  Usually it's with tv trays in the living room. But last night I walked in to candles, a sweet note and music :)  It was a nice little surprise!

10.  Notable to me .. they are done fixing some fallen brick outside one of our entries.  The sound of construction and/or "Beep .. beep .. beep" at 8am every single day for over a week was not cute!

Okay .. so not a huge fan of The Tuesday Ten in the sense that I list ten notable things.  Not interesting and not easy to do.  So I'll come up with a better Tuesday idea .. promise :)

Grace and Peace to YOU,

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