Thursday, July 8, 2010

Simply ... The Truth :)


Hey Everyone ..

Ya know boys, you may not realize it, but we women are very powerful creatures. God may have used one of your ribs to create us .. but he gave us one very powerful tool that he did not provide you.

I don't know why he gave us the ability to control all of mankind .. but he did.  You all may not want to admit it, especially the controlling/manipulating type of guys, but it is a fact.

Sometimes a picture explains it all and that is the case with this very simple, yet true, blog.

Tee-Hee :)  Thought this would make you all smile.  Come on .. you know it's true!  And ladies if you haven't used this power we are very blessed to have ... DO IT .. err, well .. don't :)

Grace and Peace to you,

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