Thursday, July 8, 2010

Couples Hell

Hey Everyone,

I overheard someone's story about being invited to something with a bunch of "couples". They were referring to the night as "couples hell". Instead of taking a friend as a date or enjoying their "couple friends." they just bitched and complained about being single.  I thought to myself .. umm .. and ya wonder why you don't have a significant other?

I totally get not wanting to go as a third wheel on a date, or not wanting to go as "the single girl or guy" to a party where it will be all couples.  But people that are bitter about other peoples relationships kill me. It's always the same type of person that acts this way .. you know I'm talking about .... the one that can't ever seem to find a guy or girl and "can't figure out why".  I'll tell you why ... tape record yourself and listen to how negative you are!
These people are always the ones walk around with a dark cloud above them that has a caption in it that says  "Womp, womp, womp". They are the ones that you want to tune out, or try to avoid, because you know they will be going on and on about someone or something negative.  The person I overheard talking about being in "couples hell" complains more than any human I know .. well that and talks about people endlessly!  I wanted to just look at this person and say "If you would stop being such a debbie downer, have something nice to say about your day or the people around you and embrace being single maybe you would maybe find someone one day"!!!

People can move past this very annoying phase of life. There was a girl in my close group of friends in college that was like this.  She was always so negative when my friends and I would go on dates, or when we would make plans with our boyfriends and invite her to come along. She would sit in her room and watch old re-runs of 80's TV shows and feel sorry for herself instead of coming along and having fun WITH us!!  When couples go out with other couples 99 percent of the time the girls end up together and the guys end up together anyway!  So it doesn't matter if it is couples or not! It got really old .. really fast.

My college friend finally stopped feeling sorry for herself and is now married and is as happy as can be.   As for the person that experienced "Couples Hell" and lived to complain about it to everyone around them  .. I feel like this person is going to forever be alone.  Sadly, it may be best .. not sure who could put up with them!

Grace and Peace to you,

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