Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Show me those pearly whites :)

Hey Friends,

Did you know that humans are the only creatures that use a smile as an emotional response? I know some people claim to see their animals smile .. and I'm sure they do .. but my little cool fact generator tells me that we humans are the only ones that use a smile as a true emotional response.

That made me think about other species and what they do when they are happy.  I know in general cats purr, dogs wag their tails, I've even heard that guinea pigs do something called "popcorning" .. as in hop around.  In the case of my cats .. when my little man is happy .. he head butts you (I call them love bumps). My little girl sticks her butt up in the air and usually drools.

How funny would it be if instead of smiling at someone .. you just head butted them like my Gizmo does? Or like dogs if we started shaking our bums every time we saw someone we liked?  Or like my Hildi, started drooling?  Funny thoughts, right? I know you are picturing you or someone you love doing one of the above, haha.

Those would be rather entertaining emotional responses to say the least, but I think I am satisfied with the fact that we humans just show off one of our approximate 50 grins :) That's another little fact .. I read one time that we have about 50 distinct types of smiles.

I know those are totally random and useless facts.  But thought it may encourage you to not jut pass on a smile today. But please ..  pass on the ONLY smile that matters .. a REAL one!!!

Go ahead now ... SMILE .. not only are they contagious .. we are .. after all ... the only species that has the power to do so :-)

Grace and Peace to you,

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