Friday, April 30, 2010

De-Stress Yourself

Hello Everyone ...

All together now .. out loud .. let out a big Woo Hoo!!! Not because it's the weekend (remember I'm trying to live each and every day to it's fullest even if it means I am at work) but because we've made it through another work week alive!!

It doesn't matter where you work, there are weeks when it's just a bad environment to be in.  I know this is true for not only people that work for and around others, but those that work for themselves and even those whose job it is to be a stay at home wife/husband/mom/dad. Sometimes the stars just don't line up right for those around you causing them to be a jerks and by default drive you nutty!!

It can be such a challenge to "be good-do good" when everyone around you is screaming, cussing, throwing things, huffing, or puffing.  We have to deal with enough crap as a team, why make it hard on those on our time .. as in our co-workers? Don't get me wrong, I certainly have moments too and a couple years ago would find myself complaining all the time at work.  But I kinda figured if it was that bad of an environment I should get out, so I did!! But even then, I didn't get "hostile" around my co-workers. Back in the day at my old job I would share only with those I knew had similar work woes and openly shared them with me. It was like a "bitch and complain" work support group. We were all negative about work with each other so no one seemed to really care if the other was negative.

These days I am overall really happy at my job. I have bad days at work, but I like to think that I just complain about my own situation in my head, under my breath, or to a very select few and move on. What really makes my skin crawl is people that have a temper at work on a regular basis. It creates a hostile work environment that even if you "laugh off", will be a breading ground for your own bad mood to grow!

If you made it through your work week without being "that person" then pat yourself on the back.  If you were "that person" then take a moment to see if being so vocal, hateful or ??? really helped the situation. Chances are you, it didn't do much but raise your blood pressure and really irritate everyone around you. Either way, lets ALL use the weekend to "De-stress ourselves" ( I'm singing that to the tune of Madonnas express yourself right now, ha ha).

In closing, just wondering what can we all do next week to de-stress instead of stress ourselves and those around us. I am buying noise canceling ear phones I think  :-)

Grace and peace to you,

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