Monday, July 2, 2018

VISUALIZATION: See It. Believe It. Live It.


Hey Friends,

Most of you are probably reading this because you saw the INSTAGRAM POST of me side stage at one of my recent shows practicing VISUALIZATION and of course PRAYER & GRATITUDE.
Taking a moment to say THANKS GOD and visualizing what I want to happen has been such a game changer for me as I've evolved from an amateur in the NPC to a professional athlete in the IFBB.

Most of what I really have to say about VISUALIZATION can be found within my Instagram caption, so I'll copy and paste it for you below in case you found my blog another way. But I wanted to elaborate on VISUALIZATION and give you some links on the topic that may help you learn more about it and learn how to do it.

If we are friends on the gram you know I've been mentioning a new form of "therapy" I'm doing.
You can read a little about it HERE if you missed my post a couple weeks ago.

In short ... I've been seeing a "guided meditation coach" - "spiritual guru" - "spiritual consultant" -  (whatever you want to call her but she also has pretty crazy channeling/psychic abilities) ... as part of my quest to overcome some depression I've been experiencing for some time, find inner peace/clarity, find/live my life purpose and just be a BETTER human being in general!

Many of you have asked me for her contact information. Seeing her as part of a series of sessions is ideal - I am doing the 6 week Chakra Balance Sessions which include lots of other stuff within them - but I do believe that even one session with her can be beneficial if you are just in town visiting and she also does Skype!

Is it working? I honestly don't know. I've only seen her a couple of times. But I can tell you that she truthfully has been a breath of fresh air in my life. Do I feel more "balanced" .. I mean I feel more hopeful. Part of doing this type of "therapy" is BELIEVING IN IT. If you read my Insta Post you know I'm a sceptic when it comes to this stuff. But I'm trying to open my heart and mind and encourage you to do the same! Look into it! It certainly can't hurt and is cheaper than a psychologist!

Happy Visualizing and all the GOOD JUJU ...

Do you TRAIN YOUR MIND as much as you train your body? I love this video. A friend captured me side stage at Omaha in “my moment” .. Visualizing my routine, the outcome I’d love to see and also saying my THANKS to GOD for giving me ABILITY.
Let’s talk about VISUALIZATION. I’ve been doing it for a LONG time. I’m not great at it because my mind goes in ten thousand directions and I am especially not good at it in the EXACT way my spiritual guidance/guru lady wants me to do it.
What is visualization? Essentially it’s just concentrated dreaming. It’s constructing life from a space inside our brains. Everything we do begin as a thought and exists first in our imagination.
The ability to see things before they actually happen is what enables us to pursue our dreams and ultimately achieve them. The better we visualize the way we want it to happen … the better our chances are at it actually happening. NOT because it’s magic though. Keep reading :-)
There is actually lots of science behind it and successful people all over the world use visualization to spawn dreams into reality.
Can you just VISUALIZE what you want (success, money, winning a competition, etc) and it just happen?? NO WAY! I think it’s hilarious when people are like … oh I visualized it … I affirmed it .. I wrote it down and put it under my pillow … and IT HAPPENED.
NO .. unless they were practicing visualization on the regular .. they just got lucky. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written down what I WANT and it NOT happen (and I practice visualization.) Energy is an amazing thing .. but it doesn’t work that way.
YOU HAVE TO PUT OUT INTO THE UNIVERSE WHAT IT IS YOU ARE VISUALIZING. You have to be PROACTIVE and DO THE WORK that is required to support your goals. You have to believe what your are seeing CAN HAPPEN.
Visualization isn’t magic … it’s simply another TOOL in your mental game tool box.  So why does it work?! Because ENERGY GOES WHERE ENERGY FLOWS!!
*Builds Courage: When you’ve already envisioned the scenario, the real thing will feel familiar and much more feasible. It will be as if you’ve done it before because in your brain …you have.
*Combats Negative Thoughts: During a visualization session, you get to live out your dreams despite what others say. It’s an effective way to battle that negative voice inside your own head, too.
*Helps with Self Belief: Truly believing we an achieve what we have our hearts sets on gives us HOPE and MUST HAVE HOPE. When we lose hope … we’ve already lost.



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