Tuesday, September 6, 2016

4 days out feels ... #PhoenixPro

Hey Friends ..

We continue PREP WITH PURPOSE today we are simply just lifting up and for the SAME person all week instead of a new person each day! I really home you are joining me in taking some time out of your day to think about little Phoenix and his family. Use him as your motivation and reminder that YOU ARE ABLE!! If you have a healthy child that doesn't require you to LIVE in the hospital like Phoenix's family has to do .. be grateful that you actually CAN carve time out of your day (even if just 15 min) to get in a "workout" of some sort! Whenever we start to complaint his week .. shift focus to Phoenix and his family .. lift them up .. and move on feeling blessed that YOU CAN!

I decided I would still write today. This entry is really more for ME than anything. That is why this entry is in the "Inside The Life of Simply Stacy" section of the blog instead of MOTIVATION (where you can find all Prep With Purpose entries.)

I am FOUR DAYS out from my next IFBB Bikini Pro show! I've got all kinds of emotions. It kind of feels "not real" this go round since we stayed where we were at in my reverse instead of going into any kind of PREP. Mentally this hasn't been easy for me. I've always had a PLAN when it comes to a show. I'm taking this as a time to grow in a very weak area for me. I have to plan everything. I have to analyze everything. So I'm taking this show as a learning experience for me MENTALLY more than anything. I have to realizes that everything doesn't need a plan. Sometimes it's okay to just breathe, trust, let go and see what happens. This does not mean I don't work hard. This does mean I am not training to be NUMBER ONE. This does not mean that I don't deserve to WIN. I have a PLAN 365 days a year and that is to be healthy, happy, balanced and have my body in such a healthy state that I can make these kind of decisions. Plus it's not like I haven't prepped ... I started prepping for TEAM U the first of June. I did two almost back-to-back Pro Shows in July and early August. I am just doing what my coach and I feel is best for my body at this time. I know this is risky. I know that I may end up NOT doing as well as I could have had we done things the same way we have in the past. But my body isn't where it was 2 months ago either. My weight is staying a little TOO low. I've been staying at or below stage weight and that is NOT my goal. I was even told to gain a little weight after coming in too conditioned for Tampa Pro. But since every judging panel is different. Since this sport is subjective. We decided to take a chance and go ahed and do a show early in hopes of being able to get into an off season quicker instead of continuing to compete all Fall/Winter!

I know there are people that are rolling their eyes. I know there are people that talk about me and say "oh she thinks she can just jump on stage" ... it's not like that. I wish these people really knew the real ME. Those people make me chuckle. I wish they could see my intensity in the gym, my 365 dedication, my drive. I wish they could watch me plan my meals each day and measure my food. If I get 18grams of peanut butter  at a meal .. it's 18 .. not 19. If two pieces of meat or bread equals 56g according to the label  .. I don't pull out two pieces of meat/bread from the wrapper and assume the packaging company got it right. I measure it exactly (btw .. this is a little trick. You would be shocked at how under/over "one piece" is if you measure it.) I know perfection isn't attainable but I strive for ULTIMATE consistency and I do this YEAR ROUND ... not just on prep. (okay, okay .. in my off season I sometimes lick the peanut butter spoon, lol. Yes that is probably at least an extra gram or two.)

Bottom line ... I simply don't believe in torturing the body God blessed me with for a sport that is .. well .. short lived.  I love the stage .. but it is not the BIG picture. The stage and competing as an IFBB Bikini Pro is all in my short and medium range focus. Long term goals go beyond stage. After all ... I"m 36. This isn't forever. I must treat my body so that it functions properly (and maybe even keeps some abs) for years to come!

While we must LIVE in the NOW ... we shouldn't necessarily always think in the NOW.


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