Wednesday, August 3, 2016

#PrepWithPurpose - August 3, 2016: My Sweet Husband

For backstory on what #PrepWithPurpose is all about please read the blog entry and/or Instagram Post.

Hey Friends,

I just feel ..... beat. Mentally ... physically ... and emotionally.

It's been a long couple of days trying to get everything ready for Tampa and yesterday was insane. Only 3 hours of sleep and then I had to get up and train, rush to get out the door and then it was flying all day/night to Florida. Once I landed I had to make a grocery run and then try to get settled at my cousins house. I am SO grateful they are opening up their home to me for my first two nights in Florida and excited to get to see them .. it's been SO long. But you know how it is. It's hard enough to settle into a hotel .. but trying to settle into one strange place .. only to pack up and head to another place (the hotel) in a couple days .. it just can be rough on your body and mind. Plus I have to try to find where I'm going to train the next couple days, adapt to a new gym setting, get my meals prepped in a strange kitchen, stay on top of all my meals and fluids .. all while trying to get to visit with family some tomorrow before checking in and getting started with show stuff. 

On top of all this ... the kicker ... is today's PREP WITH PURPOSE.

Prep With Purpose - August 3, 2016: My sweet husband ... Doug Green

It is hard enough not having my biggest cheerleader and ROCK beside me for a show...but then to find out he is extremely sick just as you are about to take off without him?! I almost jumped out of the boarding line and went home yesterday instead of flying out to Tampa to compete. The only thing that kept me from doing so was him demanding that I go.

My husband (Doug) started getting sick last week. He went to the doctor and was diagnosed with an ear infection and strep throat. But he just didn't get better. On top of that we knew there was more. His congestion and cough couldn't be from strep or an ear infection. So after he dropped me off at the airport yesterday morning....he went back to the doctor. Turns out he also had a sinus infection and has pneumonia!!! They talked about admitting him to the hospital yesterday .. but they let him go home under the orders that if he is not A LOT better today/tonight that he go to the hospital. This is killing me. I am worried sick. Pneumonia isn't something to play around with and not being there to check on him and take care of him has me beyond concerned.

While I know it's not some crazy illness ... it's still an illness and we both (especially him obviously) could use some lifting up and for! Doug is usually so healthy, so active and such a BUSY man .. always working so hard/running his business, etc. I know it is killing him to be so run down. I think he's only been out of bed for like 5 hours since Thursday!

I am exhausted, my body is swollen from travel, I am stressed that I'm not going to dial in,  I'm out of my element, etc. But NONE of this matters. More than anything .. I'm worried sick about Doug. All I want is my husband to be 100% well. So today every ounce of everything in me will be for him. As I inhale and exhale with clear lungs .. I'll think of him and how he is coughing his head off and struggling to take deep breaths. When I feel like I can't hold my eyes open I'll think of how exhausted he and his body is from fighting this. When I start to stress and be overwhelmed I'll think of how overwhelmed HE is. He can't put work aside for 1/2 a day without being WAY behind ... little alone DAYS.

My sweet Doug ... everyday you motivate me to be a better. But today ... physically .. everything I do ... I will do it for YOU!!! I hope you all please join me in lifting up and for my husband. Pray he has a speedy recovery without having to be admitted to the hospital and is back up and going full force again really soon.

((I guess have a LITTLE peace of mind knowing that he has an 8lb nurse by his side)) 


I want to continue this project/prayer chain. But I'm finding myself spending HOURS searching for people to "lift up and for" because I'm not getting any requests -- I know you guys have to know someone (or have heard of someone) with an ongoing or urgent need for physical healing?
Please send me all details possible, a pic if they don't mind sharing, etc.

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