Tuesday, August 2, 2016

#PrepWithPurpose - August 2, 2016: Tyler Nelson's Fight With Cancer Continues

For backstory on what #PrepWithPurpose is all about please read the blog entry and/or Instagram Post.

Hey Friends,

Today I jump on a loooooong flight to Tampa to continue chasing dreams and grinding on a Pro stage! Not just ANY pro stage .. TAMPA PRO .. one of the biggest, most competitive and most well known Pro stages!! I've gotta be honest .. I'm sick of traveling .. sick of packing .. sick of prepping meals for travel .. sick of being on long flights... sick of being away from my hubs and fur fam.
BUT .. I love every second of the process of competing and I'm excited to give it another shot. I won't map out any plan until I see how things go on Saturday. I have a bad habit of trying to think too far in advance. Sometimes it's necessary .. but really I can't map out anything until I see how Saturday goes. So for now .. I'm going to live in the moment (as we always should.) Please send prayers for safe travels, no stress, my body responding well to being on this long flight/stress/little sleep, etc. Then as the week progresses just please pray that I dial in as we hope, have calm nerves, get everywhere I need to be on time with no stress and have a flawless posing routine!

Before I jump on my flight .. I'm gonna hit the gym for all my training for the day. It will take me 1 1/2 to 2 hours to get it all done. I booked an early afternoon flight so that I could get all this done and not be in any position where I can't train. Still ... I'm going on very little sleep. But my motivation comes from someone who we lifted up and for about 2 months ago when I first started #PrepWithPurpose. I am bringing him to your attention again because he needs our prayers right now! I'm also not really getting any requests. So please keep them coming so we can continue to lift up and for new people in need of physical strength/healing!

Prep With Purpose - August 2nd, 2016: Tyler Nelson's Fight With Cancer Continues

In early June I told you about a young man named Tyler Nelson. He is only 17 years old. Doctors found a tumor on his knee and in May he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. In my last post about Tyler .. he had completed his 3rd round of chemo and was fighting hard! Family messaged me yesterday to let me know he is at St Jude right now to REMOVE the tumor and have knee replacement surgery. So he once again needs our thoughts/prayers!

With every step .. every rep .. I will lift up and for Tyler again today .. as he enters this new chapter in his fight with cancer.


If you know anyone that needs urgent or ongoing prayer for any physical reason please email me all the information and a picture (or a few) to simplystacyfitness@yahoo.com.

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