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#PrepWithPurpose - August 14, 2016: Tyler Rogers

For backstory on what #PrepWithPurpose is all about please read the blog entry and/or Instagram Post.
 Hey Friends,

Had a good - but rushed - lift yesterday. We ended up getting out the door a little late to get to the gym and had a firm dinner reservation at 8pm. So I ended up having to take ONE thing out of my scheduled workout. I never do this. I'm very much a "If I am suppose to do it .. I do it ALL .. if it gives me the option of 10-15 reps .. I do 15, etc. BUT date night was important to me and we couldn't push the reservation back. So I pushed HARD and got done what I could!!!

As for dinner. It was such a nice couple of hours with my husband. We ate at our FAVORITE Mexican restaurant here in Vegas. We always ate there when we visited .. but as residents we had yet to go yet! Mexican food can be REALLY hard to accurately track so I always just go for something else when we choose to go out to eat. But as I mentioned yesterday ... I really wanted it and needed to give myself this "celebration" dinner that I never really had the chance to do with my hubs.
I enjoyed myself mindfully .. knowing I went over my allowed macros .. but I lived in the moment. All day thinking of precious little James and his family. I hope you lifted up/for them yesterday.

I found myself once again "empty handed" when it came to a Prep With Purpose person today. I decided to give Facebook a scroll since that is where I seem to have found many people of the people I've lifted up and for in this little project. A friend of mine posted about this young man and at the very same time my husband yelled at me from across the room and said "hey I have a prep with purpose you can do." I told him to send it to me ... turns out ... it's the exact same one! I don't know Tyler and don't seem to know any of his friends ... I guess his story has just gone a little viral on our socials. Either way .. I'm glad we ran across his story. Today I'll be doing a max effort upper body training day and with every rep .. it will be in his honor!

Prep With Purpose - August 14, 2016: Tyler Rogers 

I found all the information about Tyler on a Go Fund Me page that his friend set up for him. Here is what I know according to Go Fund Me.

Tyler was admitted to a hospital in Los Angeles this week after once again growing very ill and experiencing severe abdominal pain. After days of rigorous tests, doctors have determined that he has developed a psuedocyst approximately the size of a grapefruit and needs to have the cyst along with his gall bladder removed surgically this Tuesday, August 16, 2016. To complicate the situation, Tyler was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes last year after he had a lengthy stay in the hospital because of severe pancreatitis.

Tyler does not have insurance. He works/hustles on his own as a graphic designer and web developer. He is also in the entertainment industry and juggles several contract and freelance deals. Because he works in this type of freelance manner ... he doesn't have the benefit of full time staff medical insurance. I feel for Tyler here. I am in TV and when I left "corporate" world I would have been in the same boat had it not been for my husbands company insurance.

Medical costs for Tyler are spinning out of control and with his impending surgery (which will create more bills and less work) things are only going to get worse.

I don't know Tyler and CAN NOT vouch for this Go Fund Me Page -- but I do feel that with my husband and I both seeing this story as I searched for someone to lift up and for today -- that he was sent to me to write about! So if you feel led to help financially ... go for it! But that is not what this prayer chain is necessarily about. It's about LIFTING UP AND FOR those in need of urgent or ongoing physical prayer ... using them as our motivation because they are unable and WE CAN!!

So today I will lift for Tyler. As he lays in the hospital bed .. preparing for surgery on Tuesday .. I'll pray that he is free of pain and that the doctors remove the cyst and gallbladder with no complications. Tyler is young, talented and has so much LIFE ahead of him. I pray that he GETS WELL SOON! Today is for you Tyler. I hope you feel the extra love from a stranger in Las Vegas :)


I want to continue this project/prayer chain. But I'm finding myself spending HOURS searching for people to "lift up and for" because I'm not getting any requests -- I know you guys have to know someone (or have heard of someone) with an ongoing or urgent need for physical healing?
Please send me all details possible, a pic if they don't mind sharing, etc.

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  1. I don't know you, but I have known Tyler since he was very little. We grew up in church together, along his brother and sister. Anyways, Tyler has been working since he was a freshman in HS (I believe, if I remember correctly). He started with Rebecca St. James, and has worked with so so many other amazing artists and entertainers since. Tyler is a few years younger than I am, and has not had very much come easy. He works nonstop, not only for himself, but for his mother and two beautiful nieces. This is the second time in a year that he has had a major setback like this, and I hate it for him. Thank you so much for sharing his story.
    I just wanted to drop a note and kinda vouch for him, if I could. Thanks again and Have a great week!