Tuesday, June 14, 2016

#PrepWithPurpose -- Day Ten: Robert & Elizabeth

For backstory on what #PrepWithPurpose is all about please read the blog entry and/or Instagram Post.

Hello Friends,

I hope you had a great start to your week! I guess you could say I had a case of the Mondays. I am having the typical "close to showtime" doubts. Most stem from feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the travel I have coming up and stuff going on in life prior to (and the same weekend as) #TeamU. It's so close. Too close .. which makes me doubt my bodies ability to dial in the way I want for this particular show. But I'm determined to continue to do this prep in a healthy way that makes me ENJOY the sport! If I don't truthfully ENJOY the process .. why do it? If I have to starve myself, force myself out of bed with no sleep, kill my body, etc., that isn't ENJOYABLE! That is nothing more than chasing a temporary trophy. I want to do this to BE HEALTHY ... and also to prove that you can be "the best" (I hate saying that .. but am for lack of a better word) and not be drastic or unhealthy. Do I make sacrifices?! Do I work hard?! You bet I do!! But I will never be an advocate for extremes. Even if that means not coming out "on top". Anyway ... I'll get my mind right!! I have to!! Because this competition isn't only for me this time .. it's for everyone I've been praying for on PREP WITH PURPOSE.

Yesterday we prayed for the victims of the attack in Orlando. I think it's safe to say they will remain on our minds for some time. As I ran today there were little kids on another field taking part in some sort of football camp. I watched them run and laugh and was envious of their innocence and ignorance to the TRUE hate that fills this world. I wish I could be a kid again sometimes .. don't you?
But I'm an adult with a racing mind .. which means I worry TOO much. But it seems that in the world we live in we have reason to excessively worry. As I pushed myself ... I wondered .. what if this was my last breath? What if someone robbed me of life? So many things went through my mind.....but mainly how the dreams of 49 people were cut short. Life was STOLEN from them. It's so unfair.

Sometimes the people we pray for are very public about needing prayer. Sometimes (like in the instance of the Orlando attack) the need for prayer is viral -- getting media attention or all over social media. But oftentimes people are very private about their physical needs for prayer. That is the case for the couple I am asking that you pray for today .. so I am not including a picture of them or giving much information, but that doesn't need they don't need prayer!!


Today our motivation will come from Robert & Elizabeth. We will be physical in honor of them and when/if we feel like we can't .. we will use them as our motivation because WE ARE ABLE!!!!

Robert & Elizabeth are an elderly couple that both have physical need for immediate prayer.
Robert recently suffered a stroke that has affected his vision. This on top of other health concerns that come with his age. His wife Elizabeth has survived cancer TWO TIMES and has been told it has returned. They are praying this is not a reccurrance that requires major full blown treatment.

I look over at my husband and think about us "growing old" together. I pray that we are blessed with that gift. Then I think about how hard it must be for Robert and Elizabeth to watch each other in pain and unable to do much for each other because they aren't well themselves. I can't imagine not begin ABLE to take care of Doug. It breaks my heart to think of how they must feel not being able to help each other more.

Today I will lift for Robert and Elizabeth. I will be grateful for the ABILITY that God gives me to take care of not only myself .. but others.

I hope you are joining me on this prayer journey as I prep for #TeamU on July 1st & 2nd! If you are please post/share and use the hashtag #PrepWithPurpose! Let's get a huge prayer chain going and in the process maybe make the sport of bodybuilding less about "me, me, me" and a little more about helping others! Our motivation doesn't have to come from ONLY ourselves!


If you know anyone that needs urgent or ongoing prayer for any physical reason please email me all the information and a picture (or a few) to simplystacyfitness@yahoo.com.

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