Sunday, June 5, 2016

#PrepWithPurpose -- Day One: JT Brooks

For backstory on what #PrepWithPurpose is all about please read the blog entry and/or Instagram Post.

Hello Fit Fam,

Day one of #PrepWithPurpose begins! I'm so excited about this project! I feel a presence and power inside of me that I've never felt before! Maybe it's because I have actually have discovered where God wants me to be in THIS moment!! I don't know where he wants me to be after this competition season, but I know that at least for the next four weeks He has shown me exactly where I am suppose to be and what I'm suppose to be doing!! Yay God!!


I ask that you join me in praying for JT Brooks.

My motivation will come from JT and my lift will be in his honor. I AM ABLE and he is not. I will NOT take my health for granted. I am grateful for the abilities that God gives me. I ask that God guide the doctors and nurses that are taking care of him, that He wrap His arms around his family and friends and heal JT quickly.. so that he is able to return to the football and baseball field soon!

JT needs URGENT prayer as he fights to recover. Here is his story. His father James has been posting updates on his Facebook if you want to go check it out and keep up to date with his progress/recovery.

J.T. Brooks is a varsity quarterback for Cherokee High School in Hawkins County, Tn. He was playing in the final scrimmage of the spring season last week when he was tackled and landed awkwardly on his neck. He was rushed to the Johnson City Medical Center, where doctors determined he had broken two vertebrae. According to family, during a two-hour surgery, surgeons fused the two vertebrae together. However it is uncertain whether the 16-year-old will be able to walk again. This week he was transferred to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta (a spinal chord rehab facility.) He will spend his summer there for treatment. Family updated Facebook recently saying that he has some movement in his fingers and grip! AMEN!!!

Here is the most recent update posted by his father on June 3rd……
Today has been a day of assessment and getting to know J.T. As a patient. He's a little edgy understandably so. His lung Xray looks better. His secretions are getting better but still need to be managed. They are talking about sitting him up. They have delivered a chair for him to get around in. These things really excited him as he wants to get up and get moving. We may be waiting until Monday for tube removal which will be hard. One of his Dr's said that when he starts he's gonna be one that just takes off. He was visited by a former travel ball teammate Nash Newberry and Kevin Rogers Former Chief and Wasp. He got a text from Former Vol basketball Great Chris Lofton another #5 who faced adversity. I am going to post Videos sent by Rutgers Football player Eric LaGrande who suffered a spinal cord injury, Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan who also sent a jersey That was delivered by Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Dan Quinn. All these things put a Big Smile on his face. I Pray God continues to heal each day. I pray that one day J.T. Can tell his story and pay forward the many acts of kindness He has Received. #Fightfor5

They are using the hashtag #Fightfor5. So if you repost this please use that hashtag as well as #PrepWithPurpose so we all know that you are praying for JT and his family!


If you know anyone that needs urgent or ongoing prayer for any physical reason please email me all the information and a picture (or a few) to 

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