Saturday, June 18, 2016

#PrepWithPurpose -- Day Fourteen: Jayda Poulin

For backstory on what #PrepWithPurpose is all about please read the blog entry and/or Instagram Post.

Hey Friends,

What a GREAT DAY it was yesterday in St. Louis with my 1st Phorm family! It started with a killer lift ((where I was lifting for KATIE)), followed by some educational training, dinner at headquarters and a few hours out catching up! I'm so blessed to be a sponsored athlete for such an amazing company! I always knew I loved their products because they are the HIGHEST quality, taste amazing and WORK ... but it is what they stand for that hooked me. I mean ... they write hand written thank you cards with each order, offer free supplement/nutrition/training advice to all customers and train their athletes and reps to be able to do the same, have a 110% money back guarantee and throw events like SUMMER SMASH that allow us all to come together as one big ole #Phamily! Such a cool movement to be part of! If you want to learn more about 1st Phorm I would be thrilled to help you! Just email me -

Just because I'm traveling doesn't mean I'm not keeping up with the promise to myself that every single day I will workout in honor of SOMEONE ELSE. That I will make this sport of bodybuildilng and my road to #TeamU more than just about "me-me-me" :)  It has been such a blessing to feel like I have a purpose other than myself each day.  Even if only a handful of people are reading and/or participating .. I'm doing it and giving this 110% so that when I walk on stage July 1st it will be for so many people other than myself!  So here we are ... TWO WEEKS in to PREP WITH PURPOSE!! We've prayed for 13 people so far and now we are on to the next.

I actually got a text from my husband while I was in training yesterday asking for urgent prayer for the niece of a friend of ours. I went ahead and jumped on SnapChat and asked that you all go ahead and start praying considering the circumstances. But today we will offically lift in honor of Jayda Poulin and pray for her as she recovers after being hit by a car.

Prep With Purpose -- Day Fourteen: Jayda Poulin 


14 year old Jayda Poulin was playing on Friday when she was hit by a car. She is in the hospital with NUMEROUS severe injuries. She has several severe lacerations and her body is broken in numerous places head to toe...including both of her femurs, ankle and shoulder bone. She had to have immediate surgery on Friday afternoon, which was followed by another surgery later in the evening for some sort of bleeding they found in her brain. Her family says she is doing as well as one could expect but certainly needs LOTS of prayer.

When I go in and train upper body this morning I will be grateful that I have two working arms and legs. Something Jayda does not have today. It shows that in the BLINK OF AN EYE we could be UNABLE to be physically active. I will not take this gift of movement and health for granted. My lift will be in honor of Jayda and I will pray that she makes a full and speedy recovery. I hope you join me and whatever it is you are doing today .. you remember YOU ARE ABLE .. and do it in honor of Jayda!


I hope you are joining me on this prayer journey as I prep for #TeamU on July 1st & 2nd! If you are please post/share and use the hashtag #PrepWithPurpose! Let's get a huge prayer chain going and in the process maybe make the sport of bodybuilding less about "me, me, me" and a little more about helping others! Our motivation doesn't have to come from ONLY ourselves!

If you know anyone that needs urgent or ongoing prayer for any physical reason please email me all the information and a picture (or a few) to

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