Monday, April 20, 2015

Looking Back ... and not at the booty! Wedding Week Memories :)

Hey Fit Fam ..

My posts this week have NOTHING to do with fitness :) But they do have to do with the most important muscle in our body .. the heart!!

Mine belongs to my #swolemate ... Doug.  This week we celebrate THREE years of marriage!! Most of you don't know that I actually have another blog. Why don't you know? Well because the last time I wrote in it was this time last year, lol. I barely can get my thoughts together to write in THIS one, so writing in two just isn't going to happen, haha.  But that one is there .. waiting for me to be creative. Last year I was VERY creative! I posted ALL SORTS of things about our wedding! Feel free to read them all, but I'll probably be recycling and linking them all week!

Today I want to share with you probably my favorite part of our ceremony.  Nothing about our wedding was traditional. But instead of a "sermon" we decided to play an edited (shortened) version of a story that touched my heart .... this story IS love. I hope it touches yours as well!

Grab a tissue and CLICK HERE :)


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