Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Wedding Memories: The Final Kiss - The First Look - Man Tears and Naked Sushi??

Hey Fit Fam,

Continuing today with my "Look Back At It" wedding memory blogs. I know these aren't fitness/health related! Promise I'll be back at all that next week! But I will say this. It is important to have a SUPPORT system in your fitness journey and I doing know what I'd do without MY #SwoleMate :)

Since I wrote blogs about our wedding day on my "wifey" blog last year .. there is no need to re-write everything! My sentiments are the same, so I'm just gong to be linking you to my blogs from last year :)  There are several! Feel free to check out the entire blog ... however I'll probably be recycling these all this week!

On this day (4/21) three years ago we were having our ceremony rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and pre-wedding party with all our family and friends! It was so much fun and so low key.We didn't go the traditional route and get all dressed up and have a fancy sit down dinner ... it just isn't US. Instead we rented out a small East Nashville Pizza place so that we could all just be chill and actually get a chance to be together for a few hours. We ate pizza, had some drinks (they let us set up our own bar and bring in our own stuff), shared stories and lots of laughs! So this wasn't only a HUGE money saver (we paid for our wedding ourselves) .. it allowed us to get to spend quality time with our wedding party and family. After we wrapped up there, we then went to my husbands nightclub he owned at the time and all hung out in the VIP room and laughed and danced and had the time of our lives. It was so perfect ... so us.

As we said goodnight on our Wedding Eve (Doug stayed at a hotel and I had few friend stay with me) my friend Kari (who was in the car waiting on me) captured our "final kiss" as a non married couple! More of this is on the blog I'm linking below.

Speaking of seeing each other .. the blog I"m linking you to talks about why we chose to SEE each other before our wedding ceremony (lots of emotional pics and even video is linked.) We were really torn about this, but ended up really happy that we did it .. but more than anything HOW we did it. We chose have our family and wedding party involved in the special moment! Get ready for some "man tears" :) :)

And .. last but not least .. the MOST talked about thing at our wedding. Our NAKED Sushi girl :)

Here you go .. CLICK HERE  to see all the pre wedding and wedding day #StougFun .. and just because I can't say it enough ... A FREAKING NAKED SUSHI GIRL!!!!


**PS ... for those of you that don't know what Stoug means .. back when "celebrity names" were becoming a "thing" .. as a joke we made our celeb name. Stacy + Doug = STOUG :) lol

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