Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Muscles & Music: Intro and "Wide Stance Squats"

Hey Fit Fam,

I hope you are enjoying my NEW blog layout!! Please take a look around! All of my "blogs" are now under the blog TAB, but organized into individual labels! This means all my blogs will not appear on ONE page anymore,  but it should be much easier to navigate and search for specific topics! I'm super excited about the new look and format! What do you think??

I'm also excited to finally offer you all some workout demos. But y'all know me .. I just can't have some "ordinary" workout demo page!! I've decided to call it ... Muscles & Music. Most days it will just be demo videos of me showing you a workout and telling you what is on my playlist, about a neat playlist I've found, or maybe chat about some NEW MUSIC that is out that I think you should listen to (especially while you are working out.) But I do hope to incorporate some fun stuff into this Video Blog! I plan on having some of my favorite musician friends joining me in the gym from time to time, finding out what is in their gym bag or playlist and passing that info along to you, or maybe just finding out one of their favorite workouts and doing the demo myself! 

Here is the little "intro" to the series and also a demo of one of my staples on Leg Day .. Wide Stance Squats.  

Eat Clean. Train Dirty. 

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