Friday, February 13, 2015

Health & Fitness News: Wearing Yoga Pants In Public Should Be Illegal

"It should be illegal to look that good" may have a new meaning for the #FitFam.

Let's face it, most of us ladies live in "yoga type pants", but if one Montana lawmaker has his way we could be in trouble... literally! While this is in Montana, I wouldn't be surprised of some Southern lawmaker here in Tennessee would pull a similar stunt.

According to the Associated Press, Rep. David Moore wants to tighten indecent exposure laws to include any clothes that "give the appearance of a persons buttocks, genitals, pelvis, or female nipple."

The retired professor drafted the bill after a group of naked bicyclists rode through the city of Missoula last summer. It doesn't look to have much of a chance though. A Montana legislative panel moved to kill the indecent exposure bill.

While it makes for great headlines, yoga pants were not specifically the target. However one article states that Mr. Moore said they could be included and that he wouldn't have a problem if people wearing form fitted pants in public were arrested.

Is this real life? First of all this bill is way too vague. There are many articles of clothing I can think of that would fall under this "expanded indecent exposure" category (some rightfully so), so the likelihood of this passing is slim to none.

I certainly agree that some people should not be wearing our form fitted friends without a long shirt, but illegal? Sandals with socks .. THAT should be illegal. Leave our compression pants alone!

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  1. Socks and sandals for sure, and can we also include tucked in shirts with no belt?