Thursday, January 1, 2015

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THIS is what my gym looked like this afternoon. EMPTY on this very 1st day of 2015!! I'm kind of not complaining .. considering that getting in a workout is going to be nearly impossible for the next 6 weeks :-/

If you google "New Years Resolutions" -- there are literally tens of millions of matches. And you guessed it ... "losing weight" is the #1 resolution people make. Despite people making a "commitment" to eat right or get in the gym starting with the new year ... I kind of expected my gym to look this way because when people make "new years resolutions" they often push off starting them for a few days. Why?? Because a "resolution" is a type of fad .. just like most "diets" out there. I bet most people are taking the next few days and organizing their "plan" and telling them self "I'll just start on Monday".  That is the problem with saying you are making a "resolution". The word is often associated with "short term" and even complete failure and the mentality you have when it comes to having making a healthy lifestyle change .. is a HUGE factor!

I get it .. a new year .. a new you .. a fresh start. There is NOTHING wrong with that. Some people need that "clean slate" approach to get themselves going. But why would you want to wait for one specific day of the year to make a decision about your health, when there are 364 other perfectly great days available to you? If people simply had the mindset that they are getting healthy as a LIFESTYLE (a body for life) and not as some resolution ... maybe this room would have been full today!!

The bottom line is that most people make a "resolution" and have the wrong mindset. They jump on board some 30 day weight loss gimmick they have found on pinterest, some mass marketed plan that is making millions of dollars because any "jane or john" can sell it and make money (I won't mention the names, ha), some dvd that will end up covered with dust in 3 months, or spend hundreds of dollars on a gym trainer that cares more about making money and getting you to sign some contract than your overall long term health, etc. Exactly why the MAJORITY of people fail at "resolutions".  In fact .. research shows that February 18th is the day that most people will give up! That makes me so sad :-(

The truth is that resolutions usually don't stick. I've made them in the past and I can NEVER remember sticking to one all year. You are making a self-promise to change something (with good intentions), but often you are making unrealistic expectations ... which means they will be impossible to keep! Maybe you shouldn't make a resolution at all? Am I telling you not to eat better or exercise in 2015? Of course not!!! Start the new year with these good intentions, but be sure and go about everything with a SLOW & STEADY approach. Don't say "I will lose x amount of pounds by x date". Take baby steps, make small changes everyday, be consistent and don't beat yourself up if you fall off. Get right back up the next day and go!!! Set yourself up for success .. not failure. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

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