Monday, December 15, 2014

Why Wait: Get started on your "New Years Resolution" today.

Hey Fit Fam ...

If "Getting Fit/Healthy" is on your resolution list (hopefully it is GETTING FIT/HEALTHY and not simply losing weight or starting a "diet") then my suggestion to you is .. WHY WAIT?! What is stopping you from starting TODAY?! So many people have the mindset of "waiting" because of so much holiday gorging ahead ... they think "what's the point" ... I'm going to be eating so bad. But really it's the PERFECT time to get started!!

We are just over one week away from Christmas. You likely have gone a little overboard at Holiday parties already, with many more to come this weekend I am sure. Not to mention New Years Eve is just around the corner. So why in the world would you WAIT till 2015 to get started just because it's a "new year". New years resolutions are so overrated. Not to mention they usually just set (most) people up for failure if you look at it as a "new years resolution" and not a permanent lifestyle change. You certainly don't need a new year to make a change in your life!

Just think of the advantages of getting started NOW. If you got a kick start THIS week, not only would you be getting warmed up to your 2015 goals a little early, but all those holiday goodies you are going to/have already consumed will do a little less damage because you are boosting your metabolism NOW by getting in the gym and HOPEFULLY incorporating a "eat every 3 hour wellness plan". And yes .. I said both the gym and a healthy meal plan. You can't have real success if you just do one or the other. Muscles may be built in the gym but they are no doubt revealed in the kitchen!! Why waste your time in the gym with no wellness plan? And why eat well if you aren't taking care of your body physically? Sure .. one is better than none. But not ideal and will not yield the same results!

Speaking of "ideal".  Sure .. it isn't the most "ideal" time to get started on your journey to a healthier/fit YOU ... but as long as you have the mindset that you are going to fall off for "events" (enjoy in moderation) ... it IS possible to go ahead and get a jump start!! Maybe start thinking about your plan for the new year .. but go ahead and get started with some baby steps NOW!! There are plenty of days that there will be no parties, no family dinners, etc. Which means you will have plenty of days that there is NO excuse! Upcoming days of gorging isn't a reason to say "oh i'll get started after the holidays". There is no time like NOW!!! Plus ... if you go ahead and give it a go NOW ... it will motivate you from having all those unnecesary "extras" while you are doing your holiday shopping (no yucky mall food or pointless snacks, etc), at the office when ppl bring in all those holiday treats, etc. Also, you will save some money if you are packing your foods for work/shopping days -- which leaves extra to spend on your loved ones!

I know that many gyms offer specials starting January 1st and that is many peoples "excuse" to wait. But if they are a gym that is concerned with YOUR HEALTH just as much as they are their pockets, I bet if you ask they will honor their new year specials early! OR if not (maybe you should consider another gym) ... ask them for a 1 or 2 week trial to make sure that their gym is the one you want to join come 2015!  There are also gyms that are already such good deals that holiday specials aren't needed .. like my favorite Olympus in Murfreesboro! That its he gym I drive to once a week to make sure I am getting in a good booty workout! If I could drive there everyday I would! They also have FREE CHILDCARE and (if it's something you do) free tanning .. with a gym membership!

So .. go ahead .. get started THIS WEEK! Get your metabolism going, start developing healthy habits NOW, get your mind right (learning to say no) and feel good going into a new year .. not just once it is here!

Remember .. this should be a lifestyle .. not a resolution ... or temporary plan!

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

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