Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Health Headlines: Quality sleep when young may benefit memory later in life.

Quality Sleep When Young May Benefit Memory Later In Life 

We know that sleep is key for overall health, but for those of us spending a lot of time in the gym, sleep is vital when it comes to muscle growth, recovery, etc. Now there is a a new study that came out this week in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science that gives us yet another reason to catch plant of zzzz's. Researchers have found investing in good quality sleep as a young or middle aged adult may be key for a good memory later in life!

The researchers conducted the comprehensive review of more than 200 studies dating back more than half a century, which analyzed the association between sleep and cognitive functioning. Study participants were divided into three age groups: young (18-29), middle age (30-60) and old (60+). The researchers assessed self reported data on how many hours, on average, the participants sleep each night, how long it takes them to go to sleep, the frequency at which they wake during the ight and how tired they are during the day.
Results of the analysis revealed that young and middle-aged participants tend to get more sleep and better quality sleep than older adults, and this appears to benefit their cognitive functioning later in life. 
There are very few people out there that don't complain about lack of sleep. I am the worst example for this. On a good night I would say that I log about 6 hours ... max!! This is why I've started taking 1st Phorm DOWNTIME PM. The first two times I took it, I only took one pill (which is 1/2 the suggested dose.) It is not advised to "cut" the dosage, because you may not get in all of the vitamins needed to make it actually work! I am just Melatonin sensitive (and that is one ingredient in it), so I wanted to try a 1/2 dose first! I took a full dose for the 1st time last night. I didn't notice a difference as far as the melatonin sensitivity, so I'll be good to go on taking the full dose from now on! I've only taken it 3 times, but I can tell you that even though it says take about 45 min before you want to fall asleep, I was OUT within 15 min!!! I also slept with few interruptions and woke up feeling GREAT! It suggests 8 hours of sleep and I'm working on getting to bed earlier (that it the point), but I will say that I only got 6 last night and I woke up with ZERO grogginess!! You should give it a try! If you are in the Nashville area you can head to Mid10 Nutrition to pick up yours! You can also order online at Clean. Train Dirty.


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