Friday, January 16, 2015

Fizz Fix: A great soda replacement

Hey Fit Fam,

We all know that regular soda is bad. One serving has more sugar in it than most people should have in an entire day! It is literally just sugar water .. with some extra "bad" additives  like caramel coloring (to name only one), which has been linked to CANCER! And how about those phosphates (phosphoric acid)? In excess, those will give you wrinkles, heart and kidney problems, muscle loss and osteoporosis!!! Let's not forget the "duh" fact .. those sugar water poison drinks WILL make you gain weight. Not just weight, they will make you gain fat in some pretty disturbing places... specifically around your liver and skeletal muscles. It can also lead to other organ fat, triglycerol blood fats AND increase cholesterol! There isn't a part of your body that isn't negatively impacted by even just ONE can of soda a day!

It's no secret that "switching to diet" has been a method for weight loss for many soda drinkers. I can't  deny that simply making that one switch will likely make you lose some weight. BUT at a huge risk. Not to mention, drinking diet sodas can also make you pack on pounds as well! Many studies suggest it's the aspartame...which raises blood glucose levels and when your lever has an excess amount of glucose, the excess is converted to .. you guessed it .. FAT! Oh and lets not forget the ENDLESS studies that link aspartame and cancer! Cancer and weight gain aside, aspartame has been linked to almost ONE HUNDRED different health problems!!! OVER ONE FREAKING HUNDRED!!!!

I could go on and on. There is a new study out everyday that tells us we are killing ourselves by drinking this crap. Bottom line is that diet or regular .. soda is an unnatural substance with zero nutritional value that HARMS the body. Is it really worth the risk?!? HECK NO!!

If you are craving a soda, a great alternative is Zevia! It's naturally flavored, no sugar and no artificial sweeteners! With no cals and only 4carbs ... it's a MUCH better alternative!

However ... you SHOULD be drinking lots of water! If you are a "I can't drink water" person .. try adding some deTERRA Essential Oils!! Lemon, Orange, Lime, Cinnamon -- options are endless! Not only will they give your water a "kick", each oil has ALL KINDS of health benefits. So just find which essential oil will most benefit you and add it to your water! BOOM :) You can get yours on my doTERRA page ! While NOTHING replaces water, there are great beverages with nutritional value! Tea is a great option (I prefer green w/stevia) and of course coffee!

Replace your soda with any of these for at least two weeks -- and grab a Zevia when you need a "Fizz Fix"! Promise you won't miss the fizzy cancer in a can!

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

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