Thursday, November 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Me then & now

Hey Fit Fam ....

For those of you that are regular readers of my have probably already read my "rant" about genetics. For those that haven't .. CLICK HERE before you read today's blog! I am also doing a series on different peoples journeys and how they didn't let their genetics MAKE or BREAK them! Just click on the MOTIVATION tab on the main page to find the two people I have featured so far! More to come!

In my original post you will see that I talk about how angry it makes me when people want to credit my genetics for how I look today. Well ... it's just NOT the truth. I have been working out more days than not for well over a year now (before that I was a hit/miss gym girl) and in April/May I kicked things up majorly and have WORKED very hard to become THE BEST ME that I possibly can. Many ask me why I am SO dedicated. They say ... you were "in shape" before so why make this such a priority?! Well .. I say why not?!?!  Was I overall decently "toned" ... yes. Was I still what many people would view as "skinny" .. I guess so. I can remember people even talking about how "crazy in shape I was" when these pictures below were taken. While I tried to be "healthy" when these were taken .. being my best certainly wasn't a big priority then. I didn't measure my food, didn't skip out on drinks, didn't have a goal or a set number of days I made it a goal to hit the gym. I now make it a priority ... not out of vanity like SO many people assume ... but because I actually ENJOY the process. I enjoy how I feel about myself now. I love feeling strong. It's not just about how I look or having a "great body". Not everyone has to give their healthy life as much attention as I do. Keep in mind I do this as a sport and hobby....and am even hopeful it could become another career one day! So you don't have to go to my extremes .. but you will be AMAZED at how you can transform your body by just doing a few simple things differently! I have tons of tips on my blog and will be making posting videos and more "general" non competition lifestyle ideas more of a priority after Nationals in November!

Okay .. onto my "Throwback Thursday". I'm posting these pics to show you all what "being aware" of my health -- but not having a set plan, not eating the right foods all the time and only being a "regular" at the gym looks like ... versus .... what having a set plan, eating food every 3 hours (sometimes sooner but never later), not drinking alcohol and KILLING it in the gym looks like. As you can see .. genetics in no way play a factor in my transformation pics. Genetics may help me hold/gain muscle, but spending 1.5 to 2 hours lifting 5 days a week ... meal prepping  .. will power ... eating basic/whole foods ... not drinking alcohol ... and fueling my body properly before an after workouts ... THAT is what has transformed me to being the best ME that I can be.

These pictures were taken on beach trips in 2012 and 2013. As mentioned .. I went to the gym here and there and ate what I thought was an overall healthy diet. I had muscle, but it was under MUCH more fat than I have now. My body wasn't given the chance to be any better because I didn't fuel myself the way I should have. I went to the gym 3 days a week probably .. doing 3 sets of 10-15 pretty heavy reps. But MOST of all ... I thought I was just "adding calories/carbs" if I added in a pre and post workout supplement into my training days.  Huge mistake. I wasted SO MANY workouts by thinking that way!!! You can see in some of my old blogs what I do now for pre/post workout!! I thought that I was eating clean by having 93/7 lean turkey, brown rice and veggies (not measured out), maybe an Amy's Organic meal with baked scoops and salsa, or a bag of apples and however much peanut butter it took to spread on those apples. My breakfast was a power bar and coffee. These are things most people do, thinking they are doing "right" --- and overall you are. Those are much better choices than fried or fast foods --  but eating healthy isn't always black and white.

Trust me when I tell you that eating whole foods every three hours (ONE good carb source, ONE lean protein source, some low carb veggies and a fruit at a couple of meals) plus a cheat meal once a week, as well as learning to say NO, knowing that every little "extra" counts and measuring my foods .. that is what takes you to that NEXT level of "fit". ANYONE can do it .. yes I said ANYONE ... not just someone who was a regular at the gym first like I was in these pics.  You just have to remember to take baby steps. I didn't become my best overnight! You won't either. Take your time!!!

As for my "now" pics .. you can see plenty of them here on my blog. I'll have some NEW ones to post after this weekend. I'm competing in my next show this Saturday ... Kentucky Muscle!! I am proud to say that since August I've given "extra" at the gym many days (especially glute days) and while my overall goal was to simply maintain -- I feel with some minor adjustments and more experience on stage ... I am an even better me than I was before! Excited to bring out the new and improved me!!

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

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