Friday, November 7, 2014

My Mountain HOME-coming :) Kentucky Muscle Here I Come

Hey Fit Fam ..

My "Peak Week" has come to an end and in 24 hours I will be walking out on that stage again for pre-judging for my 4th NPC Bikini Bodybuilding show of the season!!! This go round I'll be competing in Kentucky! I've only done shows in Tennessee so far and I'm super excited about this one, because while I am a born and raised Tennessee girl, I got my first big TV job in The Bluegrass State!!! Check out that baby face (and that horrible suit, lol).

That is me on the far left :)

That is me 2nd from left :)

My "Mountain Home" there in East Ky will always hold such a special place in my heart!! The competition isn't "east" -- it's in Louisville -- but I'm still excited to "be back" :)  I wish I had a Kentucky blue bikini, lol! I actually had intentions of getting one .. but these shows are super expensive!

This entire "peak week" has been a pretty good one!! As I mentioned in a previous blog talking about peak week .. I never understand when bikini girls talk about dreading this week? They post about being weak, exhausted, hungry and depleted. Why?! There really is no need in all that if you take a slow and steady approach to your prep! This should never be an experience you "dread" or unhealthy -- otherwise what is the point in doing it?!  I am so happy that my coach doesn't force that on me! I always feel great going into my shows -- except a little sleepy :) In fact .. we tried something different this peak week, which was eating MORE often, haha! Now...I am NOT saying that "peak week" doesn't pose challenges...mentally and physically it can. Mentally .. lots of things can go on up in your noggin, haha.  Physically .. it can just get really BUSY .. especially if it's an out of town show.  For me .. it's getting prepped, packed, laundry done, house cleaned, house sitters in place, dog sitter ready, all my workouts in, still work everyday and try to leave work early that Friday so I can get on the road and make it for check-ins! This peak week has been the 2nd most challenging for me. The most challenging was when I did Knox Classic. My brother in law had been in a horrible car accident a few days before .. so mentally .. I just wasn't "there". My body/mind had undergone tons of stress watching him and my sister go through that. I had gone home to be with them and got "off" track a tiny bit. It was (and still is) a hard time for them and watching those you love in pain .. sucks.  But this prep has been the most challenging physically in the sense of ... "trying to get it all done". It was Red Carpet Week here in Nashville (I'm a Entertainment Reporter and TV Host) and getting in meals on a red carpet was a huge challenge...but I got it done!!!!!

ASCAP Red Carpet

CMA Red Carpet (Dress by POMP. Hair & Make up by William Edge Salon)

On Tuesday I sent some pics to my coach ( IFBB Pro Brandy Leaver) and her reply was "flawless". That always feels good. My husband told me he can't stop staring at my progress pics and the changes my body has made simply while trying to maintain this season (the booty .. that is the pic he loves... ha. And be ready for it .. it has made progress). We are always more hard on ourselves ( bad) so I guess I just don't see things the same as they do. I certainly have made minor improvements and maintained my overall look-- which was my goal! But the day before a show I always start doubting myself.  While my opinion of my "look" is all that matters .. we do these shows with the hopes of taking home that Overall title .. or at least some hardware!! So knowing that you are being judged and that every single of those judges have their own opinions (yes .. there is criteria .. but this is a very subjective sport) .. makes it mentally a little tough. But we (as competitors) have to remember why we did this (well should have anyway) -- which is to be the best WE can be!!! And I am proud of myself -- so that is that :)

Of course I am really am hoping for another win leading into Nationals, simply because it would be a good mental "boost" as I head out for Miami for Nationals just 1.5 weeks later! But either way I really look forward to some feedback from some new judges that have yet to see me strut my stuff! I take every single thing they say into consideration and then chat with my coach to figure out what the next step should be!

Speaking of Nationals .. I know my chances of winning and taking home a Pro Card are slim to NONE ... but I have worked hard, sacrificed and led others to join the #FitFam. So at the end of the day ... that is what it's about for me. Speaking of taking home a pro card .. people keep asking about what it means to get a pro card. It means that I would go from "amateur status" to "pro status" in the industry. I can then compete on a professional level if I wanted to. The pro card is nice because it can open some bigger doors in the fitness industry and gives your name a little more "credibility" I guess you could say. Since I'm looking to make a career of this in some form or fashion .. that is really important to me. I may not compete my entire life .. but I do hope to be doing something in the fitness industry for a very long time!

Either way .. I am dialed in and I am ready for this weekend and hat is all I can do!!! I've done this as a NATURAL competitor, without killing myself, without starving myself, without going to the gym multiple times a day, without a single fat burner, etc. I wanted to prove to myself and others that it can be done this way, so I took a slow and stead approach and I think it has paid off!!! I'm not saying MY way is the right way or anyone else's is wrong. I just wanted people to see it IS possible!!

If you see me in Kentucky -- please come and say hello! If you are in the audience please scream for me! I always post my "Number" on my socials that morning -- Twitter and Instagram being the ones I post most my fitness stuff on!

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

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