Friday, November 14, 2014

Get In My Belly -- Muscle Egg Crepe :)

Hey Fit Fam ...

There is a place in Nashville that I have been eying that has Gluten Free Crepes. I had planned on making that one of my several "stops" for a splurge when I return from Nationals .. but after I made my own Crepe this morning .. I have no idea why I would ever want that to be a CHEAT when I can make it taste so good CLEAN!!!!!

This week I'm having Avocado with my veggies and eggs first thing in the morning .. but I was missing something sweet to start my day (as you know from previous posts .. I usually have my mug cake first thing. I still have that .. just a different meal).  Sooo I came up with a solution and moved my almonds that I get later in the day to Meal 1 .. and moved my avocado I would normally get at Meal 1 to that later meal that I took the almonds away from!!! If you are given your meals by a nutritionist or coach .. as long as you keep your amounts and TYPE of food is the same that you are swapping (for example I swapped a healthy fat - for a healthy fat) there is usually NO reason you can't swap foods around! But of course always ask first!

Because of the way I did this I ended up having TWO breakfasts. Since I have a ton of veggies on my plan -- those obviously aren't going to go into a Crepe, ha. So I used ONE of my egg whites allowed and mixed in all my veggies - for a little veggie scramble. THEN I used the rest of my egg whites allowed and made a MUSCLE EGG CREPE!!!!! I would probably make this A LOT different on any other day .. but for now .. just a few days out from Nationals ... this simple one will do!! 

All I did was spray some coconut oil spray (zero everything) on a pan .. poured in my Vanilla Muscle Egg ... let it cook ... added some stevia, cinnamon and my 100% (only almonds) almond butter on top .. flipped it into a crepe ... and cooked to my liking!!!! After wards I added some Walden Farms Caramel and another sprinkle of stevia and cinnamon on top!  Yummy - low carb - filling - sweet tooth satisfying way to start my day! Can't wait to make this again but with more egg, fruit, maybe a greek yogurt/protein powder icing!! Ahhhhh - GET IN MY BELLY!!!!!

Eat clean. Train dirty.

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