Friday, August 22, 2014

#FitFriday - Accidental Fried Rice

Hey Fit Fam ...

This isn't really a "fit tip" as in an exercise or anything. But it's something yummy I discovered last night and I'm trying to remember to be consistent on my blog!

I was about to eat a meal last night and realized we were out of chicken and only had frozen. That takes 50min to make ... and I didn't have 50min to wait, haha. I NEVER "replace" things on my wellness plan. EVER. I am an ideal little client .. haha. I literally stick to it 110%. But frantic .. I looked at the only other thing I could think of ...egg whites ...and calculated. 4 egg whites have pretty much the EXACT macros as my ounces of ckn I was about to eat. While all protein isn't created equal and I DO NOT personally believe in the "what can fit into your macros flexible dieting" ... I had to do it or I would be going WAY too long without eating (I was already behind because of the gym. This always happens but I have pre-post workout so that makes up for the time delay in eating).

I was planning on eating some rice and sugar snap peas with this particular meal. So what did I do ... I made myself some "Fried Rice" :)

I just scrambled my egg whites with some olive oil spray and Flavor God Garlic, added the cut up sugar snap peas and last the rice. I put a tiny bit of soy sauce and mixed it up for about a min.  Boom .. fried rice :)

I didn't take a picture because I was STARVING and didn't really think it was gonna be blog worthy. But IT WAS DELISH!!!! Who knew that just a few simple ingredients would taste so much like the real thing!!!

Eat Clean. Train Dirty

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