Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Taking Action For You (Starbucks Nutrition Error)

Hey Fit Fam ..

I'm sure you have heard it before .. "It all adds up". People often say this when people grab a "handful of this" or a "handful of that" throughout the day and that is CERTAINLY true. But often we don't realize how even the smallest things add up! Everyone trying to eat clean and especially those trying to lose weight certainly need to make sure they don't miss a thing. But what about the small stuff. It's really easy to get an extra 15+ carbs .. 50+ calories in and not even realize it. While to many this isn't a big deal, but to those really counting and also to many of us during contest prep ... it does.

For example .. gum. Even the sugar free kind has 1-3 carbs per slice and usually 5+calories! If you are a gum chewer .. that can add up!! Condiment are already a big one .. but even those of us that KNOW to watch for those hidden macros .. 5 calories here and there at each meal for that mustard .. adds up! Same goes with even sugar free coffee creamers, mints, etc.

But there was one thing I have daily that stumped me last week. I got online to see the difference in caffeine in espresso and all the coffees at Starbucks.  While I get to drink liquids all the way through show day ... I still need to be aware. So I wanted to get the most bang for my cup, lol! I discovered that a Venti Iced Americano has 4 carbs and 25 calories!!

I knew it had a few calories (however I'm starting to wonder about 25. How can espresso have 25 but coffee just have 5) .. but how did I NOT know about the carbs?! And where in the heck do they come from???

I was was a news reporter and I am still a journalist (Host and Reporter for Headline Country on GAC .. tune in). So I guess it's just part of me to want to dig and find the facts. So I decided to "take action for you" (in my best non regional dialect, lol). Since Starbucks now follows me on Twitter .. I direct messaged them and emailed them and got us some answers!! At least to the carb question.  

Their response is below. Shew ... looks like we are good to go!!! Looks like it's simply a web error! Glad they are fixing it!

Side note:  Keep in mind when you order their iced coffee or teas you DO have to say no syrup or unsweetened .. or they will add it and it's a TON of carbs/sugar...not just 4! Not sure why they don't make it unsweetened and just add the syrup for those that want it? I know this has tricked lots of people trying to make healthy choices. Also check out this previous blog I did.  I am in no way bashing Starbucks - you know it's my favorite!! But you would be shocked to find out how many sugar/cals are in some of those drinks that are advertised as "light" or "healthy" :) They aren't the only ones that market food/beverage this way. Just always remember to look for yourself (however I've learned .. question everything) .. just because something has less than 100 calories doesn't mean it's a healthy choice! 

Once again ... proof I need to be a #StarbucksSponsoredAthlete ... lol :) 

Eat Clean. Train Dirty

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