Thursday, July 17, 2014

Craving Cures - Chips

Hey Fit Fam ..

I love chips. I love them so so so much. When I was little I ate bags of them (why .. why did my parents let me do that, lol). I could eat an entire bag RIGHT NOW, haha! But I don't eat them (except as a cheat snack on splurge day) -- but I do love them ALL!! Tostidos (especially the lime ones), Kettle Cooked BBQ, Avocado Oil Salt & Vinegar, Baked Cheetos, Baked Cheddar & Sour Cream, Cool Ranch Doritos ... that's just to name a few of my favorites!

We all know they are HORRIBLE for you - - so here are some "chip" alternatives that are a #CleanCheat .. or even good as an everyday side! These would be great "tricks" for any of you moms out there trying to get your kids to eat healthier!  I haven't made any of these in FOREVER! But I know many of you share in my "chip weakness"- so this is certainly good to have if you have never thought of it before! You will save a lot of time if you have a slicer. Ours doesn't have the "chip" attachment - which is why we never make them. But you can hand slice them as well!

You can use pretty much any of the bases below with seasonings you think would go best. I've listed a few suggestions as well as "oven temp" suggestions. But with any of the below make sure and watch carefully .. one extra min could mean they will burn! Also each of these will shrink a lot - so remember that when adding spices. A smaller amount will go a long way!

"Chip" Options - they are endless! The thinner you slice them .. the crispier they will be!

Red Potatoes (450-475) *sea salt* *garlic salt*
Sweet Potatoes (450-475)  *cinnamon* *cayenne pepper w/maple syrup* *sea salt*
Corn Tortillas (400 - stack on top of each other and cut with kitchen scissors)
Zucchini (450-475) *garlic* *parmesan*
Carrots (425) *cinnamon* *cayenne pepper*
Butternut Squash (375) *garlic, pepper & rosemary*
Eggplant (350)*rosemary & garlic* *sea salt*
Spinach (325) *sea salt* *garlic salt*
Kale (325) *sea salt* *garlic salt*

INSTRUCTIONS: Temp will vary based on what you use as a "chip".
*Pre-Heat Oven --- Suggested temps for each "chip" is listed above.
*I've heard for many of the above you will want to make sure all the water is out of them. So use a paper towel or let sit out after sliced for a little while so they are good and dry.
*Coat pan and "chip" with olive oil spray (if you are against sprays you can use real olive oil in a mister bottle or even coconut oil) 
*Bake 5min. Flip and bake another 5-10 min (time may vary based on "chip)
*Let cool - enjoy! Word is that some of these keep well for a couple days while others do not.

 I've heard you can do this in the microwave with potatoes (not sure about anything else) - but never tried.

Here is how they claim you can do it:
On a microwave cooking rack, arrange 12 very thin, unpeeled potato slices (use sweet or red) in a circle - sprinkle with a little sea salt. Cook in microwave on HIGH for 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 min until brown. Let sit for  1 min.

UPDATE: I tried the microwave method and my life is changed, lol!!! I bought these little chip trays at Bed, Bath and Beyond. We bought 3 cause you can stack them on top of each other and make more at once! I just use the slicer they give you, arrange them on the trays, season with whatever I choose (I love popcorn seasonings, bbq seasoning, even taco seasoning, etc). One potato (about 5oz Uncooked) uses about 1 to 2 trays (depending on how thin it slices them) and takes about 6min depending on your microwave. CHECK THEM after about 4min. Then about every min after. I check mine every 20 seconds toward the end. Also the bottom tray gets done faster. So you may need to take that one out or move it to the top for the last 30 sec or so. Serious ya'll .. LIFE CHANGER!!! Enjoy some homemade, healthy, oil free potato chips y'all! 

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

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