Sunday, January 1, 2012


Hey Friends ...

Here it is. January 1, 2012. The first day of a brand new year!! 8,700 hours of mystery ahead. It's kinda scary and exciting when you think about all the unknown the next 365 days hold.

Like the rest of you, one year ago today I had no clue what was ahead. Looking back, most days have just passed by with little or no memorable meaning. Just day to day life, routine. There have also been moments I'll remember till the day I die.
I bonded with some amazing people, but had to say goodbye to others. Including my Mamaw and a wonderful man that was like another dad to me.
I got engaged to my best friend - who just happens to be the most amazing man in the world. We got a puppy, went on yet another amazing vacation, met new people, saw unreal success unfold at his business, watched friends welcome
life into this world. Lots of greatness that is for sure!!!

Here is to 2012. Hope the Mayans are wrong -cause I've got some pretty memorable moments ahead! I hope you do too!!

Grace and peace to you...

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