Wednesday, October 19, 2011

All My LIfe

Hey Friends ...

SO much has happened since I last blogged. The love of my life asked me to MARRY HIM!!!! I have started so many blogs before then, after then, in between then, ha. I have so much to write about. No clue where to start. So I'm going to start with what is on my heart this moment. 

I can't say that I've been "waiting for this day" to happen .. or that it "finally" did.  My man and I have never felt pressured to be married, pushed each other, or been in any hurry.  We know what love is, we know that we love each other and we knew that we wanted to be together forever. Seeing that we both have been married and in horrible relationships - it wasn't that we were scared - we just weren't in a hurry. I knew he wasn't going anywhere. He knew I wasn't either. THAT is love. THAT is an amazing feeling. THAT is what I'd waited ALL MY LIFE to have.  To have a man that I never had to question. I know he is exactly where he wants to be. He loves every ounce of me and I love every ounce of him. He loves my faults, he makes me a better person. ALL MY LIFE - I just wanted to be loved. But I never really knew what this love was that I wanted - until I met him. 

SO many people make the mistake of rushing into marriage. They do it for many reasons. I was guilty of it once.  I mean... I get it. It's "what's next", it's what you are "suppose to do". It will "fix things". Etc. 
Then there is the fact that when you do find someone you want to spend the rest of your life with - you think to yourself - why wait another second to start forever! Right? I get it!! No matter what you do - just make sure. Then make sure again.  Then again. And again. Yup - then when you think you know - ask yourself again.  Sometimes those "red flags" you have in your relationship are God's way of saying - get out now!! You are worth more than this. He is worth more than this. Your soul mate is waiting and you will never find him if you don't get out of the situation you are in. 

I was listening to my ipod tonight. I love the song "All My LIfe" - by Rosie Thomas. 
Here is one little verse of the song ...

"And I wish I could have met your father
I would tell him how much I’m in love
And I swear I’d ask him question after question
Confessions about you growing up
And I thank god for blessing me
Well beyond what I could have thought
And reminding me of how good life can be
When you let yourself give into his love"

* How good life can be .. when you let yourself give into his love .... 

So. True. 

God - I thank you for opening up my mind and heart to love. To your love. To Doug's love. I've never felt so complete and it's all because I gave into love. It's true. Love never fails ....... 

Grace and peace to you,

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