Thursday, September 1, 2011

I promise - I really do!

Hey Friends -

I just can't get motivated to write anything? I have all these ideas in my head (two of them are even book ideas - which when I tell people about - they are eager for me to get going on. The other is an amazing business I'd love to open in the next year) . I think overall it's just that I've just been consumed with work, construction at my home and life. When I get home sometimes the last thing I want to do is figure out a topic to be creative about.

I have started this "Pinterest" thing people are raving about.  I need to try to figure out a way to connect my blog to some of my posts.  It's just pictures and then you write a little comment about them. Which to me - is all I need to put on here some days!

Just wanna say don't give up on my little blog.  I just think that if I had been writing the past 2  months it would have been full of very ANGRY posts. I've had a lot of trouble with arrogant, rich, heartless, fools. So I hate to fill this little part of my world with only negativity. Well, I guess it wouldn't all be negative! I'd include plenty of  sappy lovey stuff about me and my man that ya'll just wouldn't care about, haha!

To prove I'm not gonna abandon the blog - I'll  post a few that I had "saved as drafts" before I head into work :) 

Grace and peace to you,

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