Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This moment ...

Hey Friends ..

It's a long week in my world. I've got a really busy work schedule. But no matter how busy I am often a lot of what I do is ... hurry then wait. Monday - during a long wait - I was reading this little online motivator app I go to sometimes.

Something really caught my attention. A question asked -- Are you killing time, or are you bringing it to life?

Wow. Pretty powerful if you think outside the box. Made me a little sad actually...thinking of how we are only given but a brief time here in earth and so much of it is caught up in wasted moments, missed opportunity, or even worse....invested in something that will only bring you down instead of up.

Sadly most of us have to work to have the money to enjoy life and not everyone can take what they love and make a career of it. Heck, many of you may be like me and have many passions, but not a particular one you love more than another. So maybe you don't have the opportunity to make the moments count in the way you WANT...but you can make moments matter!!

Even if it's time doing nothing (that is needed sometimes) my goal is to *overall* see every moment as a chance to influence the way life unfolds.

Every decision, priority, thought and action makes a difference.
It may not one that it is immediately revealed, but it's there.

Grace and Peace to you,

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