Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yup. I'd do it. I'd totally risk my life for you.

Hey Friends ...

I have this friend.  They are essentially my best friend.  BUT .... they say so many bad things about themselves ... and put who they are down constantly (which is all a bunch of BS) .. that I just want to scream!!!

What can you say to someone that you love that doesn't love them self back?  I mean .. maybe they do love who they are.. but they don't believe that anyone else can love them .... when really everyone they attempt to be with is just totally WRONG or just a total douche bag loser!

I'm not talking about general insecurities.  I have them. You have them. Everyone has them.  If you don't .. well .. YOU LIE and just pretend you think your shizzy doesn't stink.

I have this friend that blames every wrong in a relationship on -- "what did I do wrong" .. "why don't they like me" ... "what could I have done different".  Ummm .. DUH ... NOTHING.  You were being you!! They didn't appreciate it!! That doesn't mean you are bad or you did anything wrong!!!

When this friend does this they make me so mad that I want to throw them into the middle of on going cars.

But then I realize ...... I would probably kill myself to save that friend.

Oh .. what's a girl to do. How do you make someone realize that when God is ready he will send them someone PERFECT for them??  I guess I'm not the best person to ask.  I had an ex that I wasn't suppose to be with. We divorced. Even though I didn't want ANYONE around .. little alone a guy ... God  spared me the drama of too much "dating" and sent me my soul mate.  So ... I can't really relate overall.  So what do I do?

This person is the best ... they just need to see it ... and they need to be with someone else that can see it.

Grace and peace to you,

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