Thursday, April 7, 2011

Red Bull Gave Me Wings (Challenge Day 17)

Hey Friends ...

To you this is a picture of only the best and most popular energy drink in the world. But to me it is the answer for today's challenge. I must post a picture of something that's had a huge impact on my life recently. Not someone - someTHING.

My boyfriends business has a large Red Bull account. So we were guests of Red Bull on a recent trip to Miami. It was a total blast!! For 3 days I enjoyed a lifestyle few can live and not blow their life savings!! It was ... Insane!

We stayed at one of the nicest hotel right on the beach, laid in a cabana by the pool everyday while drinking champagne, went to a restaurant where crab claws, filet and salad cost several hundred bucks a head and had table service at all the nicest bars and parties with bottles of alcohol flowing like they were full of tap water!!! It was a total blast and great get away. It was nice seeing my man let loose. Since he owns a venue he never gets to have fun! However I need a MAJOR vacation to catch up on sleep and a total body cleanse to get LOTS of toxins out of my body! Haha.

Planning for that trip, attending, going hard on very little sleep and drinking endless amounts of Red Bull both there and upon returning to try and get my wings back (haha) means that Red Bull has had a huge impact on my life these days. ( Not to mention my favorite adult beverage has sugar free Red Bull in it ;) )

I liked my taste of the good life. But now I am back to going to work everyday, Tennessee's ever changing weather, boxed Amy's gluten free meals for dinner and cheap office coffee!

As glamourous and special as that trip was .... I am pretty darn happy with my overall simple life :)

Grace and peace to you,

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