Friday, April 8, 2011

Got Insecurity? (Challenge Day 18)

Hey Friends ...

Today I am suppose to post a pic of my biggest insecurity.

Ummm, how in the world do I do that? Pick a part of my body I hate the least and post it? No thank you, haha.

I know all insecurities aren't physical. There are all types of insecurities and actually most are emotional .. which tends to manifest into being down on yourself physically.

I have insecurities but nothing specific that needs to be plastered all over the internet. Besides, the most important thing to write about isn't what I hate about myself but the fact that we all have things we hate about ourselves. Some people have more things they hate than others, some people cope with insecurity better than others and some people just pay attention to what others say or think about them too much-- leaving themselves to judge themselves through others eyes instead of their own. Which we all know that is a huge mistake! Insecurity is what makes people jealous monsters to begin with! It's such an endless cycle.

No matter how much someone appears to have it all, love themselves, hold their head high -- I guarantee they are insecure about something. You aren't alone!

Essentially, the difference in insecurity in one person verses another really comes down to how we channel it. You can let it run your life or you can do something about it. Insecurity can make us better people, if we let it become a motivator instead of a weight dragging us down!

We all just need to learn how to grow from our insecurities. Be a better person because of what we believe to be a weakness.

One things for sure, having self esteem will help keep you from being walked on in life…whether it’s from other people or from your very own thoughts and habits.

Chin up!

Grace and peace to you,

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