Monday, April 25, 2011


Hey Friends,

You know how some nights you go to bed and are just extra grateful to be alive.  For no specific reason you just lie awake and feel like you are so undeserving of what God has blessed you with?  I think most of us feel that fairly often, sometimes the feeling is more intense than others, but tonight all of us in the South that are unaffected by the horrible severe weather should feel that way.

Seeing the destruction in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and other areas of the South is beyond heart breaking. I saw it on the news, but it wasn't until I watched some of the endless YouTube videos in their entirety, that the level of sadness for these people set in.

Video ....

after video ...

of pure destruction.

I can't wrap my mind around so many aspects of this.  I can't imagine being the person holding these cameras.  How did they stay so calm?! I'd be a dramatic mess!  How do you even look at your hometown in such shambles and know where to even start in the process to do your part to help?  Not to mention the thousands of people whose personal property was damaged.  IF you were lucky enough to survive, how do you walk around and see all you've worked for .. gone?  Even worse, what if you lost someone you loved?  So many people are going to bed tonight with these unimaginable thoughts  .. REALITY.

One word .. PRAY!

Grace and peace to you,

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