Friday, March 4, 2011

Bahahahaha (challenge day 8)

Hey friends ..

I love to laugh and to hear people laugh. Laughs are just about as unique as fingerprints. Everyones laugh is so different.

Laughter has all sorts of perks. Research proves that when we have the ability to laugh at life, and our circumstances, we are much less likely to give in to depression and a feeling of helplessness. Doctors even say happy people generally don't get as sick.

Today's challenge is to post a pic that makes me laugh. I was gonna post a pic of my friend that always makes me laugh. But instead I went through my mobile pics and found this one.....

Look close. It's Jesus... holding a dinosaur. Laugh. You know it's funny.
At the end of the night when the lights came on and it was time for people to leave this venue,THIS is what the video guy projected this on the wall.
Not out of disrespect, just to make people laugh. I did. It was just I took a pic. I laughed then. Laughing now.

Point of the blog today... lighten up!! Laugh at yourself and with (not at) others! We need to start looking for ways to increase our laughter. Research says the average adult only laughs 17 times a day (compared to a kid who can laugh up to 400 in a day).

What happens to us as we age?

Grace and peace to you,


Hope you aren't offended at the pic. Its not intended to disrespect Christianity. If you are offended, re-read this entries message and LIGHTEN UP! If you are still offended .. I don't care... this is my slice of the internet. Don't read it then :-) God had quite the sense humor. Bet he's laughing. (yes I had to post this cause yes some random reader will be offended)

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